Chihuahua's hail from our neighbor to the south (Mexico) and are named after a State (Chihuahua) in Mexico itself.  The Chihuahua is known as a toy or miniature breed of dogs, in fact they are the tiniest of breeds. They are often aggressive for their size, not afraid to take on much larger animals. They are a quite noisy breed, that will bark a lot. They have become popular with the rich Hollywood woman, who often will keep one pampered and even expensively dressed. They are often a favorite breed to be represented in movies and television shows as well, sometimes portrayed as having a thick comical Spanish accent in movies.

Associated Country:  Mexico

Weight: Less than 6 pounds on average.

Height: Short, around 5-10 inches in height.

Coat: Smooth coat, yet than can also have long hair.

Life Expectancy: Surprisingly for a small dog they can live a long life, 14-17 years is common.

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