Basset Hound

These dogs are short hounds. They are known by the trade marked long floppy ears. They have a smooth short haired coat.

A basset is usually tri-color, (black, tan, white).

They are known for strong powerful necks, a keen sense of smell and lots of loose sking around the head which gives the appearance of wrinkles.

This hound is stout with short strong legs.

Excellent hearing and a nose for tracking are traits of the breed.

This dog can be very loving and protective of its family members.

They like to bark a lot, the bark is a bit loud and guttural and if you didn't know better would seem to be associated with a much larger dog.

Associated Country: France

Weight: 50-65lb

Height: 12-15in

Coat: Smooth & short, tri-color coat.

Life Expectancy: 10-12years